Tesla FSD Beta 10.13 Release ‘Maybe’ This Week: Musk



Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a Saturday tweet that Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 10.13 could “maybe” start rolling out to the public by the end of next week.

“Team is working hard on it,” Musk said in his response to a question about the update.

Musk previously said that FSD beta 10.13 would launch last week. The update did start making its way to internal testers, so we’ve already gotten a look at the release notes for the update.

Among other things, FSD beta 10.13 focuses on improvements for the “Chuck Cook style” of unprotected left turns. Cook is a YouTuber and Tesla owner from Florida who has put FSD iterations to the test in unprotected left turns over the course of many videos.

Version 10.13 “should be a major improvement with respect to complex left turns,” Musk added in a follow-up tweet.

FSD beta 10.13 also brings improved speed limit sign detection accuracy, a more comfortable speed profile for creeping, a decrease in false lane changes, and much more.

Musk has previously said FSD beta 11 should launch in late August. He also said that each 10.x update is essentially bringing FSD closer to version 11 and the final release will basically just add highway navigation.

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