Tesla Wants to Sell Model Y Production Test Vehicles from Giga Berlin: Report

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg was approved to begin making around 2,000 test Model Y units before it officially opened, and now the automaker is looking to sell those vehicles.

Tesla wants to sell a number of its pre-production Model Y units to normal customers in Germany, as shown in correspondence between Tesla and Brandenburg officials in a report from TeslaMag on Tuesday.

The sale of these vehicles was previously not permitted by the local government, which Tesla commented on noting that it would be forced to scrap hundreds of cars.

Tesla sent a letter to Brandenburg dated June 11, showing that some of the vehicles had already been disposed of, while others were in use for “various test purposes”, according to Moz.de.

Tesla also noted that system-tested vehicles in good condition should “continue to be used without major restrictions” and “be sold to end users,” which TeslaMag notes is technically and legally permissible as opposed to disposal in accordance with Germany’s Circular Economy Act.

It’s unclear if Tesla would attempt to sell these Model Y test production vehicles are full price, or at a slight discount considering they may not be up to par.

Tesla currently takes about 10 hours to make a Model Y in Germany, and other automakers have been keen to catch up to this production time.

The first German-made full production units of Tesla’s Model Y began delivering in late March.