First Teardown: Tesla’s 4680 Battery Pack is Full of Pink Glue [VIDEO]

Sandy “Teardown Titan” Munro’s team gave us our first look inside a production Tesla Model Y’s 4680 structural battery pack in a teaser video shared on Twitter.

Munro & Associates is dissecting the 4680 structural battery pack as part of a larger teardown of the new 4680 battery-powered Model Y from Gigafactory Texas. Model Ys with 4680 cells and structural battery packs are also being built at Tesla’s Fremont factory and Giga Berlin.

During the teaser, we see Munro’s team peel apart the battery pack to reveal its insides. The teardown experts will talk us through everything they find inside in a detailed video, which they said in the tweet is “coming soon.” We can see the inside has the batteries covered in a strong, pink adhesive.

Munro & Associates president, Cory Steuben, confirmed “the pink stuff is very hard” and is a “strong adhesive”. It’s likely the adhesive helps keep each battery cell intact and possibly acts as a fire retardant as well.

Munro briefly explained Tesla’s new 4680 cells during the Giga Texas opening event in April. We also saw a teardown of an individual 4680 battery cell last week. However, this is the first time we’ve seen an entire structural battery pack taken out of a production Model Y and taken apart.

Tesla’s new 4680 structural battery pack allows the company to more cohesively integrate it into its vehicle design, essentially using it as the Model Y’s base and bolting the seats right onto the pack itself.

Munro & Associates published the latest installment of its 4680 structural battery pack Model Y teardown, exploring the pack’s cover, earlier today. You can check out that video below: