First Tesla 4680 Battery Teardown Reveals Super Thick Sidewalls [VIDEO]



Photo: The Limiting Factory

YouTube channel The Limiting Factor shared a new video on Thursday detailing the first teardown of Tesla’s 4680 battery cells.

The video, hosted by the channel’s Jordan Gieseghi, is divided up into several different timestamps, from preparation and an initial voltage check to full disassembly of the battery cell.

The video shows Jordan talking to his team at UC San Diego while they’re gathering data, though the video’s description says that the data and overall characterization of the battery cell will be coming soon.

Among other things, the researchers analyze the tabless electrodes, cut a few different layers of the cell and measure the thickness of various components within the cell.

While the entire disassembly process took about four hours, the video is cut and condensed into a little over one hour.

Tesla allowed the teardown to happen and sharing of information, said Jordan.

“I originally wasn’t going to release this video to the public. That’s why it was shot in portrait. It was only for me and suited my purposes. I needed information rather than a cinematic experience. I’m sharing it here as a bonus. Thanks to the person who held the camera for four hours!”, said Jordan.

As for the super thick sidewalls? “Hindsight is 2020. Before tearing it down, we didn’t know the shell would be 600 microns thick. The tools used in this teardown work okay for a 2170 that as a ~100-200 micron shell. In the future, we’ll use a pipecutter. Dremel? NO! Sparks and dust contaminants,” said Jordan.

Jordan also later added, “When I said that “yeah that’s the first time I’ve seen it” on the cathode/aluminum foil end, I was referring to the fact that I hadn’t seen the tabless electrode in its full glory on the cathode side. We’ve seen them unrolled and seen them teased in footage, but not under full compression straight out of the can.”

Tesla’s 4680 battery cells are part of a structural pack currently inside the latest Model Y vehicles produced at Giga Texas. It’s evident from the thick sidewalls these battery cells are protected and incredibly stiff.

The teardown also revealed 3.3 meters of cathode and 3.4 meters of anode inside each cell.

Sandy Munro is also working on a teardown of the Tesla Model Y with 4680 battery cells, along with a tour of the IDRA Giga Press factory, which makes Tesla’s huge Giga Press casting machines.

A recent video also showed the usable battery capacity of a Tesla Model  Y with the 4680 cells.

You can watch the full video from The Limiting Factory below, featuring the full disassembly of Tesla’s 4680 battery cells.

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