Tesla Model Y 4680 Usable Battery is 67.5 kWh, Shows Tessie App [VIDEO]

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YouTube channel Spoken Reviews has shared a new video that showcases what looks to be the usable battery capacity of Tesla’s Model Y with 4680 structural battery pack.

The channel leveraged the third-party Tessie app to show the “usable capacity” as 67.5 kWh. Apps such as Tessie or TeslaFi can calculate the daily driven miles and charging of your Tesla plus keep track of battery health, which is the data we’re looking at here today.

Previously, Spoken Reviews was able to add 60 to 61 kWh worth of energy through Supercharging, suggesting the 4680 battery pack was well over 60 kWh.

The “real world” range of the Model Y 4680 Standard Range is showing at 224 miles in the Tessie app (Tesla’s EPA estimated range is 279 miles for the Model Y 4680).

It’s speculated Tesla may be holding back on the battery capacity of its 4680 Model Y and could possibly offer an in-app purchase in the future to unlock more battery capacity.

Earlier today, we reported the Model Y Standard Range AWD with 4680 from Giga Texas is showing a $2,000 USD price hike, as the vehicle is being offered outside of Texas for other owners seeking quicker delivery.

Click here to download Tessia for iOS or Android–it comes with a 14 day free trial and moneyback guarantee.

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