Tesla Shows Off Model Y With 4680 and More at ‘IdeenExpo’ in Germany



Image: Shared by @tesla_adri on Twitter

According to Tesla enthusiast @tesla_adri, the electric vehicle (EV) maker has set up a booth at the “IdeenExpo” in Hannover, Germany.

The company is showing off the cross section of a Model Y chassis with a structural battery pack featuring its new 4680 battery cells, as well as a solar-powered range extender trailer at the expo.

The trailer can charge up your EV using solar energy, and also has a Starlink dish attached to it. It looks to be more a demonstration of what’s possible than a product Tesla plans on launching. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that it would be perfect for camping trips or make a cool companion for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck.

@tesla_adri shared images of the expo captured by an attendee on Twitter, with their permission.

“Next to the Tesla stand is the VW stand. There are apparently more VW employees at the Tesla stand than Tesla employees,” writes Adri.

The Model Y frame being displayed at the booth appears similar to the ones Tesla showed off at the opening event for its new German Gigafactory near Berlin.

Image via @tesla_adri

There’s a well-known friendly rivalry between the two automakers. The competition has only heated up further since Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg went online earlier this year. Giga Berlin began production with structural battery pack-equipped Model Y Performance units, and recently also started manufacturing the Model Y Long Range.

Earlier today, it was reported Giga Berlin is slated for a planned two-week shutdown to upgrade Model Y production lines for greater output.

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