New Tesla Service Center Appears Slated for Portland, Oregon



Photo: u/orf_46 on Reddit

A new Tesla Service Center looks like it’s being built in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, expected to replace what was previously a Toys ‘R’ Us (via Reddit).

A Tesla sign was spotted in the area, as seen in a field near a shopping center with the old Toys ‘R’ Us building in a photo posted on Monday.

The Tesla Service Center looks to be located near the intersection of SW Cascade Avenue and SW Scholls Ferry Road, just off of Highway 217 to the Southwest of downtown Portland.

Users in the Reddit thread also noted that the other closest Tesla Service Center location at Macadam Avenue is crowded and cramped, adding that the new location is welcome news.

The only other Tesla service center in Oregon is located in Bend, at 63040 North Highway 97.

Tesla recently launched its insurance program in Oregon, in addition to Virginia, Colorado and the growing list of other states that can participate in the data-driven plans.

Software update 2022.16.3 also began rolling out this week for Tesla drivers.

In May, one forum user reported that some Tesla deliveries were sitting at service centers awaiting working charge ports.

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