Tesla Model Y Standard Range 4680 Pricing Looks to Have Increased to $61,990

Tesla’s Model Y Standard Range AWD with 4680 structural battery pack pricing appears to have increased, according to a screenshot shared on Reddit.

Previously, Model Y Standard Range AWD pricing was said to be starting at $59,990 USD in April, but two months later it’s now showing as $61,990 USD, for the vehicle made at Gigafactory Texas. That’s an increase of $2,000 USD.

Giga austin model y standard range

The 2022 Model Y is showing a price of $61,990, with All-Wheel Drive listed as $1,000 on top. The 0-60 mph time is 5 seconds, top speed at 135 mph and 279 miles of range. The vehicle includes a 30-day trial of Premium Connectivity and the base model includes 19-inch Gemini wheels.

According to ‘u/phantom17373’, awaiting their Model Y Long Range delivery in Florida, they were given the option to accelerate delivery and presented with this Giga Austin Model Y Standard Range, with the latest 4680 structural battery pack.

Previously, this offer was only available to customers near Gigafactory Austin, but now the delivery areas seem to have expanded beyond Texas.

Tesla and other automakers have increased prices lately, following current inflation trends tied to the global chip shortage and supply chain headwinds.

We’ve seen the 4680 Model Y from Giga Texas weighed on a scale and also have its charging put to the test. Tesla recently launched its in-app Acceleration Boost upgrade for the Model Y Standard Range.