Tesla Model 3 Delivers with Hankook Tires Instead of Michelin in Canada



Photo: @IanPavelko

Tesla has started to deliver Model 3 vehicles with 18-inch Hankook Kinergy GT tires, as detailed in a tweet from @IanPavelko on Wednesday, in a switch away from Michelin MXM4 tires.

The tweet includes three pictures of the tires and close-ups of their specs, showing the Hankook Kinergy GT 235/45/18 94V tires, from a delivery received in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

@Pavelko notes that the Model 3’s rims have a load index of a standard 94, rather than the 98 XL that many suggested in the past.

Regarding the sizing, @Pavelko said, “So for all of you who didn’t believe me the past 4 years when I said it was fine to run a 94 LI in this size, apparently Tesla agrees.”

When asked to clarify if these smaller tires can fit on older Model 3s, Pavelko responded saying “Absolutely.”

The switch away from Michelin MXM4 tires could be related to supply issues.

Tesla has cycled through several different tires, including the previously used Michelin model, and Pirelli, which is currently being used for the automaker’s German-made Model Y units.

Goodyear has also unveiled its airless tire design, shown on a Tesla Model 3 in a video boasting about the tires’ ability to avoid flats, and to be a more sustainable solution than regular tires.

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