2022 Tesla Model Y Standard Range with 4680: Charging Test, Walkaround [VIDEO]

Photo: Spoken Reviews

Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin is delivering its first few dozens of Model Y units with the 4680 battery cells, and videos from a new owner that’s not an employee are being shared on the interwebs.

In a video from Spoken Reviews shared on Wednesday, we see a charging and range test of a 2022 Tesla Model Y with the automaker’s new 4680 battery cells.

In the range test, James drives to a Supercharger station in Abbott, Texas with V3 Superchargers.

The total trip is about 75 miles, and upon arriving, James drives past the exit a few times to help lower the battery even further before beginning the charging test.

Upon charging, the Model Y starts at just 9 percent, taking just six minutes to reach 39 percent, 12 minutes to reach 50 percent, about 40 minutes to reach 90 percent, and 50 minutes total to charge to 97 percent.

Charging speeds are not the fastest right now and appear to be software locked as Tesla continues to test these new 4680 battery packs, it seems.

His Model Y only had 57 miles driven at the start of the charging test and 160 miles when the Supercharging started. His battery pack is still fairly new so this may affect optimum charging speeds.

The conclusion of the test holds that there is 66kW of usable battery, with real-world range landing around 230 miles compared to the EPA rating of up to 279 miles.

James also says that there is a night and day difference between the current 2022 Tesla Model Y’s Autopilot and his 2019 Model 3.

Tesla’s vehicles are not eligible for Texas’s EV rebate program, despite the fact that the company moved its headquarters to the state last year.

You can see the full 2022 Model Y 4680 battery cell test below.

YouTube video

Check out the full walkaround of the Tesla Model Y from Giga Texas below, showcasing the new trunk shelf for example, and overall build quality:

YouTube video