New Tesla Supercharger Opens in Auburn, Alabama with 12 Stalls



Photo: u/Teelo888

As Tesla continues to expand its network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, one new station for charging the automaker’s EVs has popped up in Alabama.

Tesla has built a new Supercharger station in Auburn, Alabama (via Reddit), that consists of 12 charging stalls. The station went live as of Thursday.

The Superchargers are Tesla’s latest V3 model, offering up to 250 kilowatts of charging capacity.

The Supercharging stalls also include a sign depicting which side is meant to be used, since the chargers are in between two sets of opposing parking spots.

Users in the thread noted the odd layout of the chargers, which were built in horizontal parking spots in a way that isn’t perpendicular to the spots themselves.

Other users also pointed out that the Supercharger station is much needed in the area, with few other stations around.

Tesla also established Supercharger stations at Buc-ee’s locations across seven different states including Alabama.

Last month, Tesla added the ability to see the 10 nearest Supercharger stations to the mobile app to make it easier to find charging locations.

Tesla’s Superchargers ranked first in a recent survey breaking down EV charging locations, suggesting that the placement of its chargers are helpful and convenient for EV drivers.

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