Tesla Superchargers Coming to Buc’ee’s Locations Across 7 States

Tesla and travel center and convenience store chain Buc’ee’s will be partnering for Superchargers, according to details uncovered by @MarcoRPTesla.

The agreement will see 26 different Superchargers installed at Buc’ee’s locations across Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Buc’ee’s has the world’s largest gas station and convenience store in New Braunfels, Texas, and it was discovered last week this location would be getting Tesla Superchargers, reports CleanTechnica.


The decision by Tesla to install Superchargers at Buc’ee’s was likely impacted by the feedback provided from Tesla owners in Texas, when representatives from the automaker met with the Tesla Owners Club of Austin in the fall of October 2020.

With Tesla moving its headquarters to Texas and also Gigafactory Austin set to go online soon, it would only make sense for the automaker to partner with Buc’ee’s for Superchargers, as the store chain’s headquarter are based in Lake Jackson, Texas.