Tesla Orders After April 17 Won’t Include Gen 2 Mobile Connector: Reports

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After announcing Tesla would no longer be including its Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle with new car purchases, owners and soon-to-be owners let CEO Elon Musk how they felt about the new change.

In response, Musk said Tesla would drop the price of the Gen 2 Mobile Connector to $200, down $75. 

While many questioned the cut-off date for which orders would include a mobile connector or not, two sources are citing orders after April 17 won’t include the Gen 2 Mobile Connector.

Trevor Page, the founder of Tesla Owners Online, said on Monday afternoon, “I’m told mobile connectors will not be included for cars ordered as of April 17 onwards. If you still have an order prior to that date the connector will be included.”

This date was similarly shared and corroborated by Reddit user u/Force-user, who shared a screenshot of a text message with a Tesla advisor, indicating all orders made after April 17th would not include the Gen 2 Mobile Connector.

So as it stands, it appears all existing orders made before April 17th will include the Gen 2 Mobile Connector, known as the easiest way to charge your new Tesla, if you don’t have a Wall Connector set up prior.

If you’re expecting delivery of a vehicle ordered after April 17th, let us know if it includes a Gen 2 Mobile Connector or not, by emailing tips @teslanorth.com. We’ll find out soon enough.