Tesla Memo Details ‘Model Y AWD’ with 4680 Cells, Magnetic Console Lid, Parcel Shelf and More



We’ve recently heard reports of Tesla’s internal memo to employees detailing its new Texas-made Model Y with 4680 battery cells and a $59,990 USD starting price.

Now, we appear to have our first public look at this internal documentation, shared by @WholeMarsBlog, seemingly confirming the previous reports.

“We’re excited to introduce Model Y AWD – the first vehicle manufactured at Giga Texas. Model Y AWD is priced below its California-built cousins, Model Y Long Range AWD and Model Y Performance AWD, and it uses our first structural battery pack with 4680 cells. Explore the rest of what’s different and review FAQs below,” explains the Tesla document.

Tesla’s made-in-Texas Model Y AWD has a base price of $59,990 USD, 279 miles of range and a 0-60 mph time of 5 seconds. These USA specs are based on standard wheels and a 5-seat interior, as of April 7, 2022. Tesla says Model Y AWD is “not yet available via inventory or the configurator. Stay tuned for updates!” says the memo.

The FAQ asks, “Why does Model Y AWD have a lower range and acceleration despite having the new 4680 battery cells?”

“Introducing the new cells meant introducing a new variant of Model Y. We’ve designed Model Y AWD to have an attractive combination of range, performance and price that will be the best fit for many customers and will make Model Y accessible to more customers furthering our mission. Those interested in an even more capable Model Y should explore: Model Y Long Range and Performance. We’ve chosen to put a lower-energy battery pack in Model Y AWD, resulting in the lower range, acceleration and price point,” explains Tesla.

The document also confirms the Model Y AWD has a new parcel shelfadditional carpeting (side doors and rear trunk) and a magnetic console lid. They won’t be available at Fremont Model Y Long Range or Performance builds.

“We don’t have plans to share for changes like these coming to Fremont production,” adds Tesla.

As it stands, the first Model Y AWD builds were delivered to Tesla employees. With Tesla’s Q1 earnings call slated for April 20, the automaker may launch or announce Model Y AWD orders around this time.

At a price of $59,990 USD, the Model Y AWD is only $3,000 USD cheaper than the upgraded Long Range which has 51 more miles of range and increased performance. It remains to be seen who will be prepared to buy the new Model Y AWD, which contains the newest 4680 structural battery pack.

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