Tesla Cyber Rodeo Site Prep Continues: Semi Appears, Model Y Star Formation

Tesla semi cyber rodeo

Tesla continues to prep Giga Texas for its Cyber Rodeo grand opening event set for April 7, 2022. We saw some images of the site on Sunday, but now we have fresh teasers from Monday morning.

According to new images shared on Monday by drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer, we see preparations are moving along. Tesla’s Semi has appeared on site in white, while Tesla has parked white Model Y cars in a star formation (we get a better look from Joe here).

The Cyber Rodeo prep includes a huge stage being set up on the west side of the factory, landscaping and plants being laid down and many more Model Y vehicles parked outside.

Tegtmeyer also shares some better images of the Model Y rear cargo shelf we told you about yesterday:

We’ll update this post when Tegtmeyer shares his full Monday Giga Texas video to YouTube later today.