Hertz to Buy up to 65,000 Polestar Electric Vehicles

Photo: Hertz

After Hertz announced plans to purchase Tesla Model 3 units to lead electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the rental space last year, the company has shared a new partnership with a fellow EV automaker.

Hertz has announced a strategic partnership with Polestar, with the rental company ordering the Polestar 2 for both its rental and ride-sharing programs, according to a press release.

Availability for the Polestar 2 through Hertz is expected to start this spring in Europe and near the end of 2022 in North America and Australia.

Hertz CEO Stephen Scherr said, “Today’s partnership with Polestar further builds on our ambition to become a leading participant in the modern mobility ecosystem and doing so as an environmentally-forward company.”

Scherr continued, “By working with EV industry leaders like Polestar, we can help accelerate the adoption of electrification while providing renters, corporate customers and rideshare partners a premium EV product, exceptional experience and lower carbon footprint.”

The news comes just weeks after Hertz added Tesla’s Model Y to its rental fleet.

Upon adding the Model 3, Hertz said it was already seeing “strong early demand” back in November — just after it had begun deploying the EV.

Polestar recently began delivering single-motor variants of the Polestar 2 in the U.S., just weeks after announcing the Polestar O2 convertible electric roadster. It remains to be seen if Polestar is able to meet production demand for its electric vehicles, amid the ongoing chip shortage and supply chain issues.