Tesla Q1 2022 Deliveries Set to Be Record-Breaking, Predict Analysts

Tesla is predicted to have delivered 308,158 cars this quarter, representing a record-breaking first quarter for the automaker, according to a number of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, reports Automotive News.

While Tesla hasn’t released its numbers for the quarter just yet, the company sold around 308,000 in Q4 for its best performance in any quarter to date. Tesla will likely announce its vehicle production and deliveries by this weekend, maybe on Sunday morning, ahead of Monday trading.

The news comes just as Tesla’s first German-made deliveries begin taking place, and weeks before Tesla Gigafactory Austin holds its opening event.

Dan Levy of Credit Suisse expects the overall delivery tally to reach around 307,000 units, just below that of last quarter.

Levy also notes that Tesla’s recent closing of Gigafactory Shanghai amidst COVID-19 surges could threaten the company’s end-of-quarter push.

Levy said, “We see the recent China Covid flare-ups as a potential risk to the downside, given Tesla deliveries are typically weighted toward the end of the quarter.”

Tesla has managed supply chain constraints better than traditional automakers and other EV startups, as it continues to churn out vehicles, even amid heavy demand. Rising gas prices have resulted in higher interest in EVs, but supply and production remains low from all automakers.

In January, Tesla gained an Outperform rating on its stock from Credit Suisse, with the company’s shares surging after the news came out.

If analysts’ predictions are correct, the company’s stock could continue to keep rising, even as Tesla’s capitalization has surpassed a trillion dollars once again.