Apple’s Self-Driving Car Test Program Added More Drivers This Month

As Apple quietly tests its autonomous driving software for an upcoming car, the company has apparently added some drivers to its tests in recent months.

Apple has added 10 drivers to its autonomous vehicle testing program, according to a report compiled by MacReports with data from California DMV records shared on March 25.

The fleet for Apple’s autonomous vehicle program, internally dubbed “Project Titan,” currently stands at 158 drivers with 69 total vehicles.

Other notable companies on the list included Tesla, Waymo, Cruise, Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia and Toyota, among several others still.

Photo: MacReports

Among Apple’s addition of drivers, Mercedes has added seven vehicles, while Waymo has upped its overall team by another 121 drivers and 60 new vehicles.

Cruise has actually cut its drivers by 307 while it has increased its vehicles by 18, while Nvidia has increased its licensed drivers by 18.

The report also detailed driverless fleet volumes and collision volumes during testing.

Photo: MacReports

While Waymo added 17 new driverless vehicles to its fleet, other companies retained the same amount.

Apple has yet to seek a driverless permit in California, and currently still only employs supervised testing.

Photo: MacReports

It’s also worth noting that as more testing occurs, more crashes will also occur, so collision data is best used in comparison with total fleet volume.

Apple added three collisions in the recent report, while Waymo and Cruise have increased collisions by 41 and five, respectively.