Here’s Elon Musk’s Speech to Tesla Giga Berlin Factory Workers [VIDEO]

Photo: Tesla Welt Podcast

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in attendance at the first delivery event at the automaker’s new facility in Germany, and after the event, Musk gave a speech to factory workers about the success of the first delivery.

Musk’s exclusive speech to factory workers at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg was shared by the Tesla Welt Podcast on Tuesday.

The speech, which began in German after the delivery event, was well-received by an enthusiastic crowd of the factory’s workers.

In the speech, Musk said, “I think it’s worth remembering that every car that we make is a step in the direction of a sustainable future. The thing about this factory and the cars that we make is that it gives people hope about the future. It’s very important to have reasons to be excited about the future, because often people are depressed or sad about the future because they think it won’t be good.”

Musk added, “But what we are doing here is, with every car we make, with every battery we make, we are making the future better.”

In the speech, Musk also referenced the current work on Master Plan 3, which he says is primarily about scaling cars for the entire world, adding that the name Gigafactory meant that it was “very big.”

Tesla is also set to hold a grand opening event for its other new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas on April 7.

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