Tesla Shows Ukrainians How to Setup Powerwall with Starlink Internet [VIDEO]

Photo: MobilePowerwall

Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tesla have aided Ukraine in its defense against invading Russian forces, and a new instructional video has surfaced that was apparently made by Tesla.

A mysterious unlisted video thought to have been made by Tesla was shared on Tuesday, detailing how to use a Powerwall in mobile scenarios to power Starlink hardware (via electrek).

Since SpaceX made Starlink internet active in Ukraine late last month, the company has sent two batches of Starlink interfaces and ground stations to the country.

Axel Tangen, Tesla’s director of Northern Europe, sent an email dated March 7 to employees, detailing the company’s quick efforts to help Ukraine. Tangen confirmed “several hundred Starlink units” were sent to Ukraine on Sunday, providing us with a number of dishes sent to the country for the first time.

The team at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg helped package and ship Starlink interfaces in recent weeks, among other actions Tesla has taken to support Ukraine.

Tesla has also offered free Supercharging for all EVs in countries surrounding Ukraine, in addition to providing at least three months of salary for Ukrainian employees conscripted to fight in the defense.

Tesla’s Powerwall 2 can produce 14 kWh of electricity, which would theoretically keep a Starlink terminal running for several days.

Still, users can also connect the Powerwalls to inverters, solar panels or other energy suppliers to keep electricity flowing to the terminal for even longer.

In a recent speed test, Starlink users in Ukraine were seeing download speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

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