SpaceX Sends Second Batch of Starlink Dishes to Ukraine, and More

Starlink terminal ukraine

Last month, SpaceX enabled Starlink satellite internet in Ukraine shortly being asked by the government, whose nation is under invasion by Russia.

Just days after, the first truckload of Starlink terminals arrived in Ukraine, allowing the country’s officials and more to connect to the SpaceX satellite constellation in the skies.

On Wednesday, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, shared a photo of a truck containing what appears to be at least 28 Starlink dishes.

“Received the second shipment of Starlink stations! @elonmusk keeps his word! Thank you for supporting Ukraine and peace in the entire world!”, said Fedorov.

Elon Musk replied shortly afterwards, “You’re welcome. We have also sent power adapters for car cigarette lighters, solar/battery packs and generators for places where electricity is not available.”

It’s presumed the solar and battery packs may be Powerwalls, Tesla’s home energy storage solution that can store solar energy.

Initial Starlink download speed tests in Ukraine saw rates of 200 Mbps. Earlier this month, Musk warned Starlink users to use the service sparingly in Ukraine, saying those with terminals may be targeted by Russian military. He suggested light camouflage over Starlink satellite dishes.

SpaceX was able to reduce the Starlink dish power consumption via software update, to only require a connection from a car’s cigarette lighter adapter. The company also enabled mobile roaming, allowing Starlink to be used in moving vehicles and not just at a fixed address.

This week, SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell revealed the company was working for weeks to get Starlink set up in Ukraine, and the request from the government itself allowed its efforts to be fast tracked in the nation.