Tesla Service Center Set for Lubbock, Texas

Photo: u/Background_Snow_

As Tesla continues to expand its presence in the U.S., some users are celebrating the arrival of a showroom — and hopefully more — to a new location in Texas.

Tesla is building a showroom in Lubbock, Texas, also expected by some to include a service center and Supercharger station, as detailed in a post on Reddit over the weekend.

The post includes a photo of the showroom, which already includes Tesla lettering on the building face although it still appears mostly empty on the inside.

Users also speculated in the thread as to whether the location would be simply a showroom and delivery center, or if it would include a service center and Supercharger as well.

Some in the thread noted that the Tesla Supercharger map online still has a gray “coming soon” logo over Lubbock — expected by some to become a Supercharger station at the showroom.

A report last year showed that Tesla’s retail efforts is shifting away from high-end showrooms, with the vast majority of the company’s sales made completely online.

Tesla is also nearly complete with its Gigafactory Austin, which is rumored to be delivering its first cars by the end of the year’s first quarter.