Tesla Model S Plaid Teardown: Front Cradle and Suspension [VIDEO]

In a recently published YouTube video, “Teardown Titan” Sandy Munro continues his teardown of the Tesla Model S Plaid, this time walking us through the high-performance all-electric sedan’s front cradle, including the steering rack, and the suspension.

We get to see Munro and his team remove the front cradle and suspension from the Model S Plaid, before giving us a closer look at each of the components, their design, and the overall assembly process.

Munro and his team also talk us through some of the differences between the production of the older Model S and the new, refreshed Model S.

In particular, the teardown experts talked about Tesla’s transition to die casting for even more of the key components than the assembly process for the older Model S, which allowed for a more integrated steering rack and the suspension cradle in the refresh.

“I’m really impressed with the number of castings that we’re seeing now out of Tesla. They’re leaving everybody else in the dust when it comes to the amount of cast materials that there are inside these vehicles,” said Munro.

“You’re getting rid of so many extra bits and pieces that you don’t need,” he added as he analyzed Tesla’s assembly logic for the Model S Plaid. The more die-cast pieces Tesla uses in building its cars, the more material it saves while maintaining superior structural rigidity.

Munro’s teardown of the Model S Plaid has so far shown us what the electric vehicle packs under the hood and examined the undercarriage, and last week gave us a detailed look at the Model S Plaid’s 12V lithium-ion battery that fits in the palm of your hand.

Next up in Munro’s teardown of the Tesla Model S Plaid will be the rear assembly.