First Tesla Model S Plaid Teardown Video Shared by Sandy Munro



Photo: Munro Live

After teasing numerous pictures on Twitter of its Tesla Model S Plaid teardown, Sandy Munro has shared the first video of the process, beginning with the vehicle’s frunk removal.

In the video, Munro and the team start with a thorough review of various elements of the car’s interior, before diving into the teardown of the EV.

Munro points out that the Model S Plaid’s angle tends to leave his back hurting and requires a re-design, though he notes never having sat in the Model 3 rear seat, and thus, has nothing to compare it to.

Prior to the teardown, the crew also noted that other videos showing the drivetrain and battery teardown will be revealed in the next few weeks.

After removing the vehicle’s frunk, Munro takes a look at elements of the engine, saying that he’d be pretty happy with the product if he had been the engineer in charge.

Last week, Munro also shared a teardown of the Model S Plaid’s undercarriage.

You can see Sandy Munro’s full 26-minute start to the teardown of the Model S Plaid and its frunk below.

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