Transport Canada Sees 171 Complaints Over Tesla Model 3/Y Heat Pump Issues

Following Transport Canada’s move to open an active defect investigation into HVAC systems in some of Tesla’s vehicles late last month, the automaker has apparently opened communication with the agency.

Tesla’s “communication is ongoing” with Transport Canada after the government agency opened a defect investigation into Model 3 and Y unit HVAC systems last month, according to Teslarati.

The agency says it has received 171 complaints total from Tesla drivers in Canada over the underperformance of HVAC systems in their Model 3 and Y units during extremely cold weather.

In a statement to Teslarati, Transport Canada said, “We have informed the manufacturer of the investigation, and communication is ongoing.”

The investigation is focusing on the HVAC system’s impact on windshield defrost settings and overall visibility conditions for the driver as a result.

Earlier in January, Transport Canada reported the first few heat pump issues in Model 3 and Y units prior to opening a formal investigation into the issue.

Transport Canada has not filed an official recall into the heat pump issue, though its investigation of the issue is still ongoing.

Tesla offers repairs in Canada for its Model Y heat pump issues, covering a value of $5,700 CAD with the use of the warranty.