Here is Tesla China’s Lunar New Year Gift Basket for 2022

Photo: @42how_

China and other Asian countries are drawing near to their annual Lunar New Year celebrations, and this year, Tesla customers will do so with a new gift basket from Tesla commemorating the event.

Tesla China sent a gift collection to some customers’ offices for China’s Lunar New Year, according to a photo of the gift set shared by @42how_ on Monday.

The photo depicts an array of different gift boxes in varied sizes, as well as a number of unwrapped boxes from the package including a pair of Tesla-labeled bowls and chopsticks, a candle and enamel pins, plus lucky ‘red envelopes’. The larger red square gift looks to be a calendar.

This year’s Lunar New Year, set to start on February 1 and based on the Chinese calendar, will mark the Year of the Tiger, as also noted by the images of the tiger on the bowl and lucky envelopes.

Earlier this month, Tesla also shared an unlimited Supercharging gift package for the upcoming holiday, offering lowered costs for travel during the two-week holiday period.

Last year’s Lunar New Year celebrated the year of the ox, which Tesla picked up on in many of its decorations and celebrations around the holiday – even including Easter eggs depicting the company’s “S3XY” anagram representing its lineup of cars.