Tesla Model Y Performance vs. Hyundai IONIQ 5 Compared by Edmunds [VIDEO]

In a recently published YouTube video, automotive inventory and information resource Edmunds compares the Tesla Model Y Performance — the higher-powered trim of the gold standard for all-electric crossovers, against Hyundai’s latest e-CUV — the IONIQ 5.

The host noted at the very beginning of the video that this is “not an apples-to-apples comparison” between the two cars, given that the Model Y Performance is, as its name suggests, a more performance-oriented incarnation of the Model Y.

That said, Edmunds considers the highest-end ‘Limited’ trim of the IONIQ 5 to be in direct competition with the Model Y.

The video takes us through the interior of each car, going on to compare the tech and features each has to offer and how charging works on each vehicle.

The Model Y Long Range is equipped with two electric motors for an all-wheel-drive powertrain that delivers 450 horsepower and features a 75 kWh battery with a rated range of 303 miles (487 km) for the 21-inch Uberturbine wheels.

The IONIQ 5, on the other hand, has a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup that can muster 320 horsepower and a 77.4 kWh battery that makes for 256 miles (414 km) of rated range.

In Edmunds‘s real-world range test, the IONIQ 5 was able to travel 270 miles on a full charge, while the Model Y Performance managed 263 miles.

Finally, the comparison goes into detail about how the two cars drive, including power delivery, responsiveness, handling, braking, and road feel.

The IONIQ 5 is quieter on the road than the Model Y, which is a conclusion Canadian car reviewer Motormouth also came upon during their comparison of the two cars last month.

While the only noise in both cabins is supposed to be the sound of the tires running against the asphalt, Edmunds found their Model Y Performance’s cabin to be a bit creaky and rattly while Hyundai has made a number of very specific design decisions and fitted the IONIQ 5 with components that, together, do an excellent job of noise reduction.

As for cost, the Tesla Model Y Performance starts at $59,690 USD in the U.S. and $85,290 CAD in Canada, while the IONIQ 5 starts from $40,925 USD in the U.S. and from $44,999 CAD in Canada (before rebates).

Overall, the publication picked Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 over the Tesla, noting that the Model Y was a revelation when it came out, but now needs a bit of fine-tuning and rethinking for it to stand up to the build quality, accessibility, and quality of life features experienced carmakers like Hyundai are bringing to the table, especially at the price the Model Y commands.

Earlier this week, the IONIQ 5 was also reviewed by “Teardown Titan” Sandy Munro.