Tesla Says AMD Ryzen ‘Requires More Power’ and Causes ‘Minor Drop’ in Range

Tesla amd ryzen range reduction

Image via @Teslascope

Tesla recently reduced the range of its Model 3 Long Range AWD in Europe, with these cars coming from Giga Shanghai in China.

Range was reduced as follows, depending on the wheels ordered:

  • 18-inch Wheels: 626km (was 637km; -11km)
  • 19-inch Wheels: 602km (was 614km; -12km)

It was somewhat unclear why the range was reduced, but now Tesla has stated it’s due to the new AMD Ryzen computer. 

According to a screenshot shared by @Teslascope, a Model 3 customer in Australia set for delivery saw a new “Order Update” on their vehicle’s range, which they had to accept before proceeding with delivery.

“We have updated Model 3 vehicles to optimize the touch screen experience with our new car computer,” explains Tesla. “This hardware change requires more power, resulting in a minor drop in range. Your Model 3 range is now 602 kilometres (WLTP), 22 kilometres less than originally communicated,” says Tesla. A blue button reads, “accept and proceed with delivery”.

It remains unclear what vehicle configurations are seeing this message, according to @Teslascope. “Our friend who took delivery of a Model 3 with MCU3 didn’t receive any notice of a range decrease nor did their vehicle’s sticker suggest a lower range than when they ordered it, so this may only impact specific builds and/or battery pack styles,” added the third-party Tesla companion software.

Tesla added AMD Ryzen hardware to the refresh Model S and Model X, before debuting it recently for the Model Y and Model 3.

If your Model 3 delivery has the prompt above, feel free to let us know by emailing tips@teslanorth.com or replying to us on Twitter (@RealTeslaNorth).