Tesla Increases Model Y Range in Europe; Performance Deliveries Now in March

Tesla has increased the range of its Model Y compact crossover SUV in Europe, as spotted by @Tesla_adri.

Model Y AWD

  • 19-inch Wheels: 533km (+26km; was 507km)
  • 20-inch Wheels: 565km (+28km; was 537km)

Model Y Performance 

  • 21-inch Wheels: 514km (+34km; was 480km)
  • New estimated delivery date: March 2022 (was “early 2022”)

Only the Model Y Performance in black and white has an estimated delivery date of March 2022. Other colors are showing dates of May 2022.

Back in December, Tesla insider @SawyerMerritt was told by an unnamed source, “Giga Berlin will only ship Performance Model Y in black and white for now, and if paint goes well then other colors will follow.”

The March delivery dates of black and white Performance Model Y vehicles could suggest they might be from Giga Berlin; for now the factory has not yet been granted approvals to start official production.

Other paint colors coming from Giga Berlin will be Deep Crimson Multi-coat, Abyss Blue Multi-coat and Mercury Silver Metallic, according to Merritt’s source. These Giga Berlin Model Y vehicles will also have front and rear castings, new 12V lithium-ion batteries (instead of lead acid), and likely AMD Ryzen hardware as well.

Also noticed by @Tesla_adri, are range changes for the entry Model 3 AWD in Europe, seeing a drop.

  • 18-inch Wheels: 626km (was 637km; -11km)
  • 19-inch Wheels: 602km (was 614km; -12km)

Delivery dates are showing as May 2020 for this entry version of the Model 3 in Europe.

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin is still awaiting the necessary approvals to start production, however, the site was recently approved to make more 2,000 more Model Y bodies for testing.