Tesla Website Code Mentions Model Y Performance From Berlin for March

Tesla website berlin model y

It appears Tesla is ready to launch its Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany, based on code found on its website.

According to Tesla enthusiast and computer science student @Tesla_Adri, he spotted on the Tesla website’s source code, mention of “New Performance Trim Launch in Berlin.” But the major new addition is the fact it notes the Performance version is coming in March, from Berlin. Previously Tesla’s website stated “early 2022”.

“Model Y Performance (MTY12) with EDD in March is build in Berlin!!!”, he said, noting, “The source code of the configurator confirms it.”

When asked how he found this, @Tesla_Adri said, “go to https://tesla.com/de_DE/modely/design#overview… and add a “view-source:” (without “) in front of the url. You should see source code. Search the source code for “berlin”. Won’t be in that format but all in one line. That formatting is created by a custom program of mine.”

Another user found the reference on Tesla’s website in France, as well.

Other signs Tesla may be launching Model Y production at Giga Berlin soon? The company’s latest Model Y manual references its newest “structural battery pack,” while the company also updated its European website to increase range on the compact crossover SUV. Performance version are now listed as delivering in March for black and white models, seemingly corroborating former rumours.

Giga Berlin has yet to receive approvals to start production, but the company was recently granted permission to make 2,000 more Model Y bodies for testing.

Tesla is expected to update investors and customers on its product roadmap at its Q4 earnings call with Elon Musk, slated for January 26.

Update Jan. 14, 2:17pm PT: Tesla has removed the reference to “Berlin”, according to @Tesla_Adri: