Tesla Now Lets You Buy Accessories with Dogecoin



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After Tesla’s website code referenced the cryptocurrency ‘dogecoin’ for payment, many believed Elon Musk’s previous statement of accepting the latter as payment for accessories would soon come true.

On Thursday night, Tesla’s online shop is now accepting Dogecoin for payments in the USA (sorry Canada). You can see the Cyberwhistle can be purchased for 300 DOGE, or about $52.75 USD (via @SawyerMerritt).

Other items you can buy with Dogecoin:

  • Giga Texas Belt Buckle – 800 DOGE
  • Cyberquad for Kids – 12020 DOGE
  • Cybertruck Graffiti Cuffed Beanie – 205 DOGE
  • Cybertruck Graffiti Trucker Hat – 205 DOGE

For these accessories, payment is only available by Dogecoin. There is no other option. Your credit card is not good here, folks.

Earlier this afternoon, the backend of Tesla’s website added Dogecoin payments, as spotted by @Tree_of_Alpha:

…developing, more to follow

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