Tesla Seeks Help to Lobby New York, Wisconsin for Direct EV Sales

Due to a law passed in 2014, automakers are barred from directly selling vehicles in the State of New York and Tesla is limited to only having 5 stores or Sales Centers in the entire state as a result, inconveniencing its customers hampering electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the region.

As things stand, many New Yorkers are forced to travel long distances or to go out of state to purchase a Tesla.

A bill currently tabled in front of the New York State government, however, seeks to remedy those circumstances, allowing Tesla to open more Sales Centers in the state to facilitate customers and enabling other EV makers to sell directly to consumers.

A new campaign on the company’s Engage Tesla platform urges Tesla owners to contact New York State governor Kathy Hochul and the rest of the leadership “in support of allowing direct sales of electric vehicles in New York.”

“New York State has adopted the strongest climate law in the country, yet it is 23rd in electric vehicle adoption per capita and lags far behind states like California, Colorado, Florida, and Massachusetts that are leading in EV adoption,” said Tesla.

Not only does New York offer substantial rebates for EV purchases, but the state has also passed a law banning the sale of new Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars past 2035.

“Florida allows direct sales without restriction and has over 50% more electric vehicle registrations per capita than New York simply because it is easier to buy an electric vehicle there,” explained the EV pioneer. “This has to change.”

“Encourage the Governor and legislative leaders to find a solution that allows Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers to sell directly to consumers in New York without artificial caps and restrictions,” reads Tesla’s call to action.

The State of New York last month budgeted $12.4 million USD for Tesla police cruisers and also ordered 184 all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicles.

Tesla Seeks Help in Lobbying Wisconsin Senators

Tesla is similarly asking customers to contact reps in Wisconsin for direct sales as well.

“Senate Bill 462, which would allow EV manufacturers like Tesla to sell directly in Wisconsin, has just been approved in committee and is now awaiting a vote on the floor of the Senate,” explains Tesla.

“Using the tool above, please ask your State Senators to support Senate Bill 462, and let them know what direct sales would mean to you as an EV owner in Wisconsin that would like to support your community by purchasing your vehicles in your home state. With your help, Tesla could expand sales locations in Wisconsin and increase the number of EVs on the road,” added the automaker.