New Tesla Superchargers Global Overview: Jan. 3-9, 2022

Courtesy of data from Supercharge and the TMC Forums, here’s a list of all the new Tesla Superchargers that went online across the globe this past week:

Date Opened Location Number of Stalls Power Rating Official Listing
Jan. 7, 2022 115 E Main St, Llano, TX, USA 8 250 kW Unavailable
Jan. 8, 2022 The Canoe Creek Service Plaza at Mile Post 229, Florida’s Turnpike, Saint Cloud, FL, USA 8 250 kW Tesla

Not a lot of action happening on the Superchargers front this week, with only two new locations as compared to 15 the week before.

A slow week is completely understandable, especially given just how much work Tesla got done last year. The electric vehicle (EV) pioneer delivered a whopping 936,000 cars in 2021 for an impressive 87% increase year-over-year.

Tesla is currently trailing BMW by only a few thousand units for most luxury car sales by volume in the U.S.

As for Superchargers, the company is deploying SpaceX Starlink Wi-Fi to Superchargers in the U.S. and Canada. Also in the works is a planned upgrade for all of Tesla’s V3 Superchargers, which currently deliver up to 250 kW of power per car, that would bump their peak power output up to 300 kW.