Tesla to Increase Model 3 Pricing in Austria by 1200€



Tesla says it is going to increase the price of the Model 3 in Austria by 1200€ come February 1.

The news comes from a recent email sent out by Tesla (via @tesla_adri), informing recipients that the dealer’s/manufacturer’s share in each sale will go down from 2400€ to 1200€.

The price hike is apparently the result of changes to the country’s e-mobility bonus program that have decreased environmental subsidies for the commercial acquisition of electric vehicles (EVs). The subsidies went down from 2400€ including VAT to 1200€ including VAT.

Check out the full email from Tesla, along with a rough English translation, below:

@tesla_adri was able to confirm that the price hike will only affect corporate customers in Austria. Austrian customers purchasing Model 3 vehicles for personal use will continue to have access to existing prices.

Tesla said in its email that corporate customers looking to purchase Model 3s for company cars can still take advantage of the current pricing and e-mobility bonus if they configure their vehicles and place orders today (or before the February 1 deadline).

The Tesla Model 3 is wildly popular in Europe and even became the first EV ever to top all European car sales, Internal Combustion Engine vehicles included, in September.

The email also notes that Tesla now has over 262 Superchargers at 25 locations across Austria. The country’s first V3 Supercharger opened up a little over a year ago in December 2020.

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