Tesla Insurance Expanding to Arizona, Ohio in January 2022: Report

Photo: Tesla

Tesla’s safety score-calculated insurance program is launching in multiple states across the U.S., and a new rumor holds that it will be expanding to a few more in the months to come.

Tesla Insurance is expected to expand to Arizona and Ohio as soon as next month, according to information shared by Tesla insider Sawyer Merritt on a segment of Dave Lee on Investing released Thursday.

In addition, Merritt says an additional three states will also gain Tesla insurance in Q1 2022, though he says he doesn’t know which ones as of yet.

Tesla insurance launched in Illinois this month, making it the third state with the program after California and Texas.

In terms of other news and what to expect from Tesla next year, Merritt also said that Tesla will begin offering 401k contribution matching for its employees starting on January 1, 2022.

The contribution-matching program will match 50 percent of the first six percent of an employee’s compensation, up to a max limit of $3,000 annually.

Earlier this month, Tesla also added the ability for insurance policy holders to manage their claims directly from the mobile app.

You can see the full video featuring Merritt and Lee about what to expect from Tesla in 2022 below:

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