Tesla App Update: Insurance Policy Holders Can Now Start and Manage Claims

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Tesla has updated its iOS app on Monday evening, detailing how “Tesla Insurance policy holders can initiate and manage claims,” right from the app. Tesla owners in California and Texas have the electric automaker’s insurance option, only for now.

Also new is “support for bringing disconnected Powerwalls back onto Wi-Fi.”

Some unannounced tidbits, as spotted by @Teslascope, is the app now shows the amount of kWh added in your last charging session.

While you’re charging, the status shows how many kWh are being added, according to our tests.

According to @Tesla_App_iOS, the code of the iOS app shows new assets for a Tesla Charger and non-Tesla top down view. Also new are code strings for finance/lease vehicle items, plus a new charging stats feature preview, which is in testing.

As for now, the iOS version of the Tesla app is at 4.4.0, while the Android version is still at 4.3.1-777.

Update: Other new features in this app update according to Reddit:

  • Tap the miles or % in the top left to change back and forth
  • Location now shows nearby Superchargers below the map