Tesla Insurance Launches in Illinois, Joining California and Texas

Photo: Tesla

Tesla’s recently-launched insurance service began in California, then expanded to Texas, and it has now officially launched in a third state.

Tesla Insurance is now available in Illinois according to @SawyerMerritt.

The insurance program from Tesla uses real-time driving data to create its rates, rather than traditional insurance formulas and the number of accidents and citations over the years.

Tesla also added the ability to maintain insurance information and claims directly through the mobile app just earlier this week.

While California was the first state the automaker launched insurance in, Texas gained Tesla insurance in October.

Tesla’s plans for expansion into Illinois were first reported in March, alongside news of plans to move into Washington, so it’s probably a safe bet that’s where the service will launch next.

Tesla uses a variety of datasets to calculate how it charges insurance customers, including details like a driver’s number of forward-collision warnings (FCW) as well as lane departure warnings.

In addition, Tesla’s insurance uses other features like time spent with other cars 1-3 seconds in front of the vehicle, among several other details still.