Tesla Insurance Launches in Texas, Calculated by Real-Time ‘Safety Scores’

After working with state regulators to develop its own insurance plan in multiple states, Tesla has now officially unveiled the service in at least two U.S. states.

Tesla launched its auto insurance program in Texas, after already having offered the service in California, according to a new insurance page on the company’s website (via Reddit). The page says it offers “insurance based on real-time driving behavior” to all Model S/3/X and Y owners in Texas, though anyone with a Tesla can at least purchase the insurance.

The insurance page also links to a more detailed explanation of the Tesla Insurance policies, including info about real-time behavior tracking, payments and billing, policy changes, claims and a few frequently asked questions.

“A default Safety Score of 90 is used to calculate the premium for your first two months,” explains Tesla, according to a screenshot shared by a user on Reddit.

Premiums are based per vehicle and on current policy coverages and elections, says Tesla.

For example, a score of 90 gives a premium of $89.16 USD per month, while a perfect score of 100 takes the premium down to $53.90 USD per month, all based on current driving behavior.

Tesla says “you will be notified 30 days before any changes to your premium.”

As detailed in an earlier report, Tesla Insurance collects and records data on a per-drive basis, and records a number of different elements in a given drive. These include things like “time spent within 1s or 3s” of the car in front, number of forward-collision warnings, acceleration variance and a wide range of other details not normally collected by insurance companies.

Tesla’s insurance page also says that it plans to expand the service to other states within the U.S., and the company is reportedly already looking to move into Illinois in the not-so-distant future.

Now, many have commented it cost savings of buying your ‘fun’ Tesla but only to drive it slowly and safely, for the sake of saving money on insurance. Of course, that is not everybody’s opinion but for those seeking cheaper insurance in Texas, this might be an option. Now if only you could buy a Tesla directly in Texas…