Here’s Tesla Full-Self Driving Beta with B-Pillar Footage [VIDEO]



Photo: greentheonly

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.8 has been making its rounds on the internet since releasing with the company’s recent V11 holiday update.

On Wednesday, developer @greentheonly shared a test drive of Tesla’s FSD beta 10.8, including footage from the vehicle’s B-Pillar cameras, which we’ve never seen before and is currently unavailable to regular FSD beta testers.

In the video, green drives around the area and largely stays on small backroads, with the FSD system able to handle a few of the maneuvers fairly well.

However, the system also fails to recognize a few speed signs, and it goes slower than it’s supposed to at a few different points, likely annoying the drivers behind green.

The drives by green take place in Knoxville, Tennessee.

In addition, green had to press the accelerator a few times, though the goal was to “avoid pressing the accelerator to ‘help’ the car as much as possible,” according to the video’s description.

In October, Tesla widened its audience for the FSD beta, releasing it to those with perfect safety scores first.

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