Tesla 2021.44.25.1 Software Update Rolling Out

After Tesla released its 2021.44.25 software update, which contains its 2021 holiday update with new features, the company has now started pushing out its 2021.44.25.1 update, according to ‘Emulsifide’ on Wednesday afternoon, a Model 3 Standard Range owner that received the update.

2021 44 25 1 software update

The screenshot shared by ‘Emulsifiede’ above details the 2021.44.25.1 software update notification in the owner’s Tesla app, noting the installation will take roughly 25 minutes or so. It’s unclear what’s new in this update, but Tesla may be tweaking its 2021 holiday software update before its widespread release.

Now, some are questioning it may be a Photoshop, but from what we know so far from ‘Emulsifide’, the owner may be getting a bug fix update for their 2021 holiday update.

Update: Looks legit as you can see below:

So far, check out what’s new in the 2021 holiday software update below:

Stay tuned as we’ll update this story accordingly. We haven’t seen any other vehicles from data trackers see this update, so stay tuned.

Update: Elon Musk just said, “holiday software release being tested with internal owners today. Broader rollout starts tomorrow evening.”

Update: 2021.44.25.1 only contains bug fixes and no major changes, according to ‘Emulsifide’.