First Look: Tesla Blind Spot Camera Feature in Action; New Smaller Autopilot Icon [PICS]

CleanShot 2021 12 22 at 10 20 25

We’re starting to see some more glimpses of Tesla’s 2021 holiday software update, which features a new Light Show for Model 3 and Model Y, plus more, including a new blind spot camera feature.

“You can now automatically see a live camera view of your blind spot whenever you activate the turn signal,” explained Tesla’s holiday software update. “To enable, tap Controls > Autopilot > Automatic Blind Spot Camera.”

The blind spot camera support has been something many Tesla owners have wanted, particularly those with a Model Y as it can be difficult to check blind spots.

According to ‘Emulsifide’, who first shared images of the 2021 holiday update on their Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, we now see a closer look at the Blind Spot Camera feature.

On Wednesday, the user shared more images on Discord, showing the Blind Spot Camera in action. When you press the stalk for signalling left or right, the vehicle’s side cameras show up on the screen.

The live camera view shows up on both momentary and full stalk presses, according to ‘Emulsifide’. The camera view disappears after three blinks, or after you complete your turn and return to center, says the owner.

Check out the two images below of the Blind Spot Camera in action:

CleanShot 2021 12 22 at 10 20 02

Tesla blind spot camera 2

“I’m pretty happy with it,” said ‘Emulsifide’ on the new Blind Spot Camera feature. “The blind spot function is significantly more useful than I expected,” said the Model 3 owner.

Also new in the 2021 holiday software update? The Autopilot icon when active, is now smaller and has shifted to the very top of the display, to the upper left corner, where icons “P R N D” are showing. Many may not like this as it may be harder to see when Autopilot is active, but since it’s in the corner, that may not be the case in real-world testing.

Check out the picture below shared by ‘Emulsifide’:

Tesla autopilot icon change

Here’s another image of the new main screen after the 2021 holiday update has been installed. You can see the bottom icons are now coloured and can be customized with various button shortcuts and settings:

Tesla tidal holiday

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the 2021 holiday update was likely set to rollout on Tuesday, and technically it did if you consider ‘Emulsifide’ received the update on late Monday. For now, many are still anticipating a full rollout of the 2021 holiday update, which may come closer to Christmas Day, it seems.

Yesterday, we shared some more images from the 2021 holiday update posted by ‘Emulsifide’, including images of the mains screens and the energy app.