Tesla Model Y Long Range Also Getting Rear Acoustic Glass, AMD Ryzen Chips

It looks like the Tesla Model Y Long Range will also be getting AMD Ryzen chips for the Media Control Unit (MCU) and double-paned acoustic rear glass, after the Made in China (MIC) Model Y Performance got both upgrades late last month (via @tesla_adri).

The news comes from a report in China, detailing the first Model Y Long Range with acoustic rear glass and AMD Ryzen chips has been delivered. So these new features aren’t exclusive to the Performance Model Y.

Lass than two weeks ago, Tesla delivered its first Model Y Performance in China, ditching Intel’s Atom SoCs for AMD Ryzen processors.

The change looks to be gradually making its way through the rest of Tesla’s lineup, with reports of the company delivering Ryzen-powered Model 3 units (minus the double-paned rear glass) also making rounds.

Tesla also appears to be working on introducing the CPU and GPU upgrades to other markets, with recent reports suggesting the Model 3 and Model Y in Europe could be next in line.

The AMD CPU/GPU combo is a major step up from Intel’s Atom chip — Tesla is reportedly using a 4-core Ryzen APU that’s over six times faster than the latter in processing benchmarks.

For a more in-depth look at the difference in performance, check out this comparison between a Model Y with AMD Ryzen chips and a Model 3 with the Intel chip Tesla was previously using.