Tesla Replacing Faulty Autopilot Cameras in Some U.S. Vehicles: Report



Tesla appears to be replacing some faulty cameras on cars made at its Fremont factory in California.

According to CNBC, repeater cameras needed for Autopilot, located on the front fenders of “several hundred” Model S, Model 3 and Model X, are suffering from internal faulty print circuit boards (PCBs).

Internal service documents from late November, seen by CNBC, note Tesla is replacing these cameras free of charge classified as “goodwill repairs” and has not launched a voluntary recall, yet.

The faulty cameras may affect Autopilot functions and features and limit the latter, as they show on vehicle displays the ‘blind spots’ for cars.

As far back as October 2020, numerous Tesla owners have detailed issues online on Reddit about their repeater cameras not working properly and failing, as soon as one month after taking delivery.

Tesla continues to fix issues for owners as they are detected. The company proactively recalled some 2021 Model S and Model X vehicles for airbag replacements last month, while earlier this month, a separate recall was made for 826 Model Y vehicles in the U.S. over front and rear suspension knuckles that could fracture and separate.

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