Here are Tesla Megachargers Installed at Giga Nevada [PICS]

Tesla megacharger nevada 2

We’ve been tracking the installation of Tesla’s Megachargers at Giga Nevada for the past couple of months, and now they have been installed and are apparently working, according to new images shared by @SawyerMerritt.

Megachargers are higher-powered versions of the company’s Superchargers made for Tesla’s Semi truck, which was seen spotted at Gigafactory Nevada last month, also charging at the site.

According to Merritt’s source, the two Megacharger stalls seen in the photos above are the only working ones at the moment.

Tesla’s Semi was unveiled back in 2017 and its first customers will be PepsiCo, as the latter says it will be adding 15 trucks to its fleet by the end of 2021, but that remains to be seen, as the electric automaker says Semi deliveries aren’t pegged until 2023.