Tesla Semi Spotted Charging with Trailer at Giga Nevada [PICS]

Tesla semi trailer

Image via @SawyerMerritt

Tesla’s Semi trailer truck was spotted charging today while carrying a load at the automaker’s Gigafactory Nevada.

According to @SawyerMerritt, “a source sent me a photo today of a Tesla Semi at the Giga Nevada production building offloading a trailer. The white Semi looks to be the latest prototype design. Tesla has been making Semi runs from Fremont to Nevada to Fremont for a while.”

Other clearer images of the Tesla Semi were shared by Model Y owner @hwfeinstein, showing closer images of the truck, spotted by a friend of the user.

“My buddy is going to try to get closer pics of the charger if the rig is still there. I’ll tweet it out for her if I get them,” added @hwfeinstein, who is located in Seattle.

Tesla semi trailer 2

Earlier this month, Tesla Semi Megacharger stalls were seen at Gigafactory Nevada, and with a closer look at what we’re seeing today, it appears those images were indeed authentic and true.

Last week, Pepsi’s CEO told CNBC it was expecting delivery of its first batch of Tesla Semis in the fourth quarter of this year, news that contradicts the automaker’s stance of wider deliveries in 2023.

Update: Here are more pics and a drone flyover shared by @SawyerMerritt’s source:

Update 2: According to Electrek, Pepsi’s CEO visited Giga Nevada today.

“Sources familiar with the matter told Electrek that Tesla got a visit from PepsiCo executives today to check out the Megacharger and the Tesla Semi production line,” reported the site.