First Look: Tesla Semi Megachargers at Gigafactory Nevada [PICS]

Tesla semi megachargers

Tesla has started installing Megachargers for its Semi truck at its Gigafactory in Nevada. The new images were shared by Tesla insider @SawyerMerritt on Tuesday afternoon.

“Tesla Semi Megachargers currently being installed at Giga Nevada,” reported Merritt.

“It’s my understanding that these are being built for Telsas Semi test vehicles for trips between Fremont-Giga Nevada. While this is a sign of progress, it shouldn’t be interpreted as production being very close. Model Y and Cyber are the focus. Semi and Roadster after that,” added Merritt, known to have deep sources inside Tesla.

Check out some more pictures below:

Tesla semi megachargers 2

Tesla semi megachargers 3

Tesla semi megachargers 4

Merritt later added the photos shared above were taken “from this past week”. He also shared some more photos of the same site taken back in August—one of them is below:

Tesla semi megachargers 5 august

As you can see, the site has changed as the site currently is paved and no longer a dirt field. Tesla is expected to start production of its Semi in 2022, again delayed.

Back in March, we saw drone footage of a Tesla Semi driving on the test track at the company’s Fremont factory. Around the same time, it was rumoured Tesla was starting a test Semi production line at Giga Nevada, to make five trucks per week.