Tesla Building New Semi Production Line in Nevada, Will Produce 5 Trucks Per Week: Report

Tesla Semi gigafactory

Image via Electrek

According to Electrek, Tesla is ramping up its Semi truck production line, at a building located near its Gigafactory in Nevada

Unnamed sources tell the publication Tesla plans to “produce five electric trucks per week”. That would equate to roughly 20 Semis per month, or 260 per year if production does not take time off.

The production is set to take place at a 500,000 square feet building Tesla acquired last year, located in an industrial park where Gigafactory Nevada resides. The building’s location is at 550 Milan Drive and is housing a Tesla Semi production line, “reliable sources familiar with the matter” tell Electrek.

Tesla plans to build volume production of its Semi at Gigafactory Austin, which also was rumoured earlier this week.

Earlier on Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk clarified the only thing stopping production of the Semi are battery cell constraints. “Demand is no problem, but near-term cell supply makes it hard to scale Semi. This limitation will be less onerous next year.”

Tesla continues to get orders for its Semi truck, most recently from PepsiCo and also from a government-backed program in southern California.