Tesla Gets Order for 10 Semi-Trucks and 2 Megachargers in Government Deal

Tesla has confirmed a new order for 10 electric Semis and 2 Megachargers, after receiving almost $2 million in US government support, according to electrek:

The Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), which provides clean transportation funding on California’s southern coast, has awarded MHX Leasing LLC (MHX), a California-based logistics company, $1.9 million for the deployment of 10 Tesla Semi class 8 semis, and $560,000 to help deploy two overhead electric cranes.

Momentum helped MHX create the project and detailed the confirmation in the following:

MHX sought funding from the MSRC’s Zero & Near-Zero-Emission Trucking-to-Warehouse, Distribution, & Intermodal Facilities in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties grant program to support the purchase and deployment of 10 battery-electric Class 8 Tesla Semis as a part of its efforts to electrify its fleet of trucks in the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

To charge the new Tesla Semis, the deal also includes two Tesla Megachargers, set to be installed at the MHX-Napa Fontana distribution facility located in Fontana, California.

Tesla recently shared a video of the Semi driving around its Fremont, California factory track. PepsiCo also recently ordered 15 Tesla Semis, which are expected to deliver by the end of 2021.

Battery cell constraints have been a consistent barrier to Tesla’s vehicle production plans, though it will eventually use its own Lithium Hydroxide Refiner, which it plans to construct at Gigafactory Texas, and which will help accelerate production significantly. Though the plans are already in place, the company likely will not be able to begin using the plant until Q4 2022.

Tesla’s mineral suppliers come from around the world, with recent partnerships announced in Canada and New Caledonia, among other places.