U.S. May Turn to Canada for EV Battery and Mining Needs, Report Says

Photo: NHTSA

The US government is looking to help its mining companies and battery makers expand into Canada, as part of a strategy to boost North American production of minerals to rival Chinese electric vehicle (EV) production.

On Thursday, the US Department of Commerce hosted a closed-door, virtual meeting with miners and battery manufacturers to talk about how to boost Canadian production of EV hardware, according to documents shared by Reuters.

While conservationists have opposed many large US mining projects in the past, US officials may have found their solution in looking north to Canada – where 13 of 35 minerals necessary for EV battery production are already supplied, and have been identified as essential for US national defense.


The meeting follows a major semiconductor chip shortage, which caused many automakers around the world to cease or slow down production for a short time.

Ford CEO Jim Farley also made calls last month to bolster US battery production, in order to avoid similar shortages in the future as the EV market begins to take shape.

Tesla and over 30 other companies were represented at the meeting Thursday, to discuss how the US government can help companies expand mining operations into Canada and overcome logistical challenges. The meeting also came just a month after US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed to team up on developing the supply chain between the two countries.