Tesla to Automatically Cancel Deliveries That Keep Getting Put on Hold: Email

According to Electrek, a recent policy change has resulted in Tesla issuing final deadlines to customers who have ordered a vehicle but have delayed their deliveries by six months or more.

Tesla’s order agreement requires customers to schedule delivery of their vehicle within 30 days of it becoming available. If you want to delay delivery by over 30 days to, say, get your financing in order or wait for a potential new tax credit, Tesla will usually give you a bit of wiggle room, as long as you ask.

Citing a source familiar with the matter, Electrek says U.S. customers in the (low) thousands have been putting off deliveries for six months or more. Tesla is now issuing an ultimatum to these customers: schedule delivery within a specific period of time, or the order will stand cancelled.

Tesla fully refunds customers’ deposits if their order is cancelled. However, for anyone genuinely planning on taking delivery of their Tesla, their order getting cancelled will not only mean another long wait before they get one again, but the new order they place will also have a notably higher sticker price.

Just last month, Tesla increased prices for both the Model 3 and Model Y in the U.S. twice — first by up to $2,000, and then again by a flat $2,000. Yet another $1,000 price hike for the Model 3 and Model Y followed earlier this month.

Read the automated email Tesla is sending to buyers who have been delaying deliveries for unreasonably long periods of time below:

Hi [Buyer’s name],

We are contacting you to offer you a final opportunity to take delivery of your [car on order] placed on [date of the order].

When we contacted you in [last delivery attempt], you requested that we delay canceling your order because you still planned to purchase the vehicle. However, our records indicate that you have not taken delivery.

We sincerely hope you will choose to proceed with your order and join Tesla in accelerating the transition to sustainable energy, but we are unable to hold your order any longer if you don’t take action.

To proceed with your delivery, sign in to your Tesla Account and select ‘I’m Ready’ to remove this hold by December 2, 2021.

If your order remains on hold on December 2, 2021, or if your order is placed on hold again, your order will be automatically canceled and your order deposit fully refunded. We appreciate your understanding, and we hope that you will order a Tesla when the time is right for you.

Best Regards,
The Tesla Team